I have been writing for longer than I can remember – well at least that much, I strangely do remember. Whether it was writing a dialogue between my non-living wardrobe and me on the back side of a used envelope to then stick in the same wardrobe as a child, or scribbling about the meaning of life in a boring legal compliance training at work to appear busy – writing has stayed with me like a faithful friend all along. Over the years I wrote and edited school, college, work magazines and found immense joy in doing so. I have got away many times by writing birthday poems for my family and friends in lieu of buying them presents.(Emotional AND environment friendly, what’s wrong with that?) My husband would always dread my three page long letters that I used to write to him to explain my point. Some of my articles appeared in some popular magazines and websites, and I wrote a couple of books along the way.

I currently live in Amsterdam with a husband who plays way more sports than a normal wife can be okay with, a toddler who rarely listens to me, about three dozen musical toys that start playing on their own during the night and a bathroom door that never remains shut – thanks to the toddler. On the last two, I still have some hope.

When not picking things from the floor that my son has spilled yet again, I work as a digital marketer. I did my MBA from the Indian School of Business and have worked for over a decade in four different countries. To maintain my sanity through it all, I perform as part of a professional Bollywood dance troupe in different European cities on one extreme, and indulge in yoga, spirituality and music at home on the other.