I made a booboo

'I Made a Booboo', is a hilarious and heartwarming bestseller based on my personal parenting journey published by Rupa publications, and has received rave media reviews!

“The book sheds the preachy tone, which is almost invariably resorted by countless parenting blogs and books. It’s an honest confession from a mom.” - THE TRIBUNE

“I made a booboo presents the good, bad and ugly of parenting peppered with wit and heart warming moments.” - THE INDIAN EXPRESS

“Author’s self deprecating yet witty style of writing will make you glance through the pages even if you aren’t a first time mom.” - DECCAN CHRONICLE

“You will be tempted to give this (book) a shot.” - THE ASIAN AGE

“Being a mother is world’s most beautiful experience. This book is as interesting as the author’s experience of writing it.” - DAINIK BHASKAR

“Not your ordinary parenting book…Any parent, especially a mother will be able to completely relate to author’s story as if it is their own.”- MILLENNIUM POST

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Dutched Up

'Dutched Up - Rocking the Clogs Expat Style', is a travel anthology written by top expat blogger women in the Netherlands about their experiences of making this beautiful country home. Funny and heartwarming, these expat tales cover everything from culture shock and bewilderment to triumph and acceptance.

The book was featured among top travel books of 2015 by the Wall Street Journal Blog. My story is titled 'A love affair called Amsterdam', as living here for the last six years has been nothing less than a romance, albeit a comical one.

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