March 26, 2017

Let’s get out of our minds!

I heard someone say : ‘Everything that starts as fun in my life, turns into a reason for my sadness later’. She, like most of us, thinks based on the most basic model of happiness and its opposite passed on to us over years and generations. The model that has been created by us. Graphically it would look like a simple sine wave – with crests forming our happy moments and troughs forming the unhappy ones. As children we seemingly go through the model as well, however we don’t analyze it much then and just move on very quickly without dwelling on our […]
April 4, 2016

A Full Circle

Then I bruised my forehead Rushed to the hospital For stitches that stung So terrible, I cried I was seven Now I shrieked In agony I lay More than a day To push a human out I was thirty one * Then I fell ill Missed an exam Sobbed at having lost My chance to a glorious future That, on my mind I had etched I was fifteen Now I worked Behind a desk Waiting for the two days I could forget what I did Often doubtful But still waiting It will all mean something One day I was twenty […]