Launch of ‘I made a booboo’, in my school

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February 15, 2016
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April 4, 2016
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Launch of ‘I made a booboo’, in my school


They actually hand painted the book cover!

A couple of weeks ago, my book ‘I made a booboo‘ was released in the school I studied in Chandigarh, India. Hon’ble Mayor of Chandigarh had kindly agreed to release the book in front of a big, captive audience. I couldn’t have asked for a better venue to release my book – in the very place I learnt to read, write and dream. It was so nostalgic and the emotional mess that I always am, I had a hard time trying to not well up at the love I received. I was asked to give a speech, and just like old times I had written it all down to not go wrong. Here it goes, after all the pleasantries and thank yous: (I was given strict instructions by Dad  like old times to not ramble on for long. Dad, please!)

It feels like life is coming a full circle. I spent 12 of my formative years in this school, learning from the amazing teachers, having fun and growing up. My father used to drop me here every morning, and today he again drove me here. My mother used to get me ready with my school uniform and today after over 20 years, she was still bothered if I was dressing up well for this event. My heart would beat fast at the idea of walking to the Vice Principal’s office, and I felt no different while talking to respected Satnam Ma’m for letting me organize this book launch here. I would prepare till late nights for a declamation contest at school, and I did that again last night to prepare this speech – which, today I hope the teachers won’t cut my marks for not memorizing, but reading from a paper!


Mayor of Chandigarh releases the book

12794617_10153802967475432_1312420354349862201_nVisiting the school after so many years, I felt as if everything has changed in my life, and yet nothing has changed. In the carefree schoolgirls in pleated skirts and plaited hair, I could see myself walking down with my friends to buy Gulab’s hotdog at the canteen. The guard at the gate and the Physics lab attendant could still recognize me. My class teacher of class 3 was still happy to see me, as much as I was. My school, GNPS has given me something that I will be indebted for my entire life – the encouragement from all teachers and our former principal Mr. Romesh K Puri to always believe in myself and strive for achievement, the long lasting relations with my friends that are set in gold, and the beautiful memories that are a part of me today.

Writing has always been my passion and something that really intrigued me at school. Satnam Ma’m herself was my English teacher for many years and kindled my interest for language and words through the creative assignments she gave us. Later on I went to Engineering and MBA colleges where I wrote for college magazines, set my blog and wrote for a few popular websites. It was when my son – now 3.5 and sitting in the audience – was born that I started to write again about my experiences as a mother.

DSC06700 (1)

But I was and still am not an expert on parenting, so all I aimed to do was to share my story as it is, to tell expecting and new parents what it feels like to raise a baby in today’s world. The result of which is this book titled ‘I made a booboo’ which talks about how I un-learnt parenting books and learnt parenting by making a million mistakes on the way – which is kind of how we live our whole life. The book is a humorous and heart warming account of the trials, tribulations and occasional triumphs of me, a first time mom – right from having the baby up until the first two years of his life. It is a book that mothers can completely relate to, while having some giggles as they read it.

Hope you enjoy reading it as well. I would love to hear from you what you thought of it.

And then there was my paparazzi moment with all media people clicking and interviewing me and I signed a lot of copies! If they haven’t already all sold out, there still might be a few signed copies in all main bookstores in Chandigarh, Khan Market Delhi and Delhi International Airport.

IMG-20160305-WA0043 IMG-20160305-WA0044 IMG-20160305-WA0046

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