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We are back with our latest feature called ‪#‎WriterMommy‬ and today we have FMC Mommy Shivangi Sharma with her latest book 'I MADE A BOOBOO' Shivangi has done her MBA from the Indian School of Business , currently lives in Amsterdam with her husband and of course a toddler who rarely listens to her wink emoticon 'I MADE A BOOBOO is not a parenting bible ( coz they don't exist and nobody can really teach you parenting...something Shivangi believes ) Shivangi's book is her personal and extremely funny take on motherhood !!! So if you enjoy humour just like I do , you can order your copy here -amazon  This is a small interview with the woman behind Mommy Shivangi smile emoticon

Question -1

How did you begin writing? 

I have been writing for longer than I can remember – well at least that much, I strangely do remember. Whether it was writing for school, college magazines or scribbling about the meaning of life in a boring legal compliance training at work to appear busy – writing has stayed with me like a faithful friend all along. I have got away many times by writing birthday poems for my family and friends in lieu of buying them presents.(Emotional and environment friendly, what’s wrong with that?) Some of my articles appeared in some popular magazines and websites, and I wrote a couple of books along the way. I made a booboo is my first (solo) book, and I have co-authored a travel anthology earlier on Netherlands which was selected among top travel books by the Wall Street Journal. I continue to write on my website now

Question -2

Give us a typical day in your life?

I work in the corporate space. So a typical workday starts with my yoga, mediation to brave the day and then a busy morning of getting ready and getting the kid ready for school, praying he will finish his breakfast on time and won't ask for that toy to take to school which we are not able to locate in our house. Then work and back home for next round of mommying - playing with the kid, asking him about school, dinner, story time and putting him to bed. (Note that the husband plays a role in all this as well !) Then I get more of my me time, which I either use in the gym/swimming pool or at my desk writing - depending on the day. On weekends I get more time to write, when my son naps or watches his weekend dose of cartoon and if I am not out eating frosted cup cakes at his friends' birthday parties. On some weekends I practice with my dance troupe if we have a performance coming up and these days I am also taking a Dutch language course. The chores find a way to fit in when the brain needs to be given a rest!

Question -3

What’s the best advice you’ve been given concerning writing and what would you like to tell aspiring bloggers/writers?

Read a lot and write a lot - seriously it is as basic as that. Reading is even more important - as it always adds to your writing and helps you shape your ideas and get inspired. A good writer needs to be like sponge, who can absorb a lot in her mind from reading, observing, contemplating and have stuff mentally ready when she sits down to pen. Don't stress too much about getting published or marketing your writing, stick to the pure joy of writing for the love of it. If you have a strong story to tell, it will go places. 

Question -4

Tell us one thing that no one else knows about you?

Except for my family and some close friends, probably not a lot of people know that I can sing a tad decently! I learnt Indian classical music for some time, and I regret not having continued my formal training further. I sang on the dutch radio once when they did a program on Bollywood and have sung on stage in college etc.

Question -5

You are stranded on an island, which is that one book you would like to have with you?

If it has to be one, it will need to be the Bhagwad Gita. If I am stranded on an island all alone without google to help me with any answers - my ever inquisitive mind will need to look for a lot of answers from that magnum opus.